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Release 2021.1

Headline Changes

  • New versioning schema (year.month.release)

  • Add global email settings

    In previous versions, you had to configure email connection details per Email Stage. Now, you can (and should) configure global settings.

    This is documented under the docker-compose and Kubernetes sections.

  • New notification system

    More info can be found under Notifications and Transports.

    During the update, some default rules will be created. These rules notify you about policy exceptions, configuration errors and updates.

    These notifications will be sent using a default transport, which uses the global email transport.


  • events: create event when system task fails
  • helm: fix old reference to static secret_key
  • helm: fix s3 secret key and email password not being base64 encoded
  • policies: fix logic error for sync mode
  • stages/email: fix email task not falling back to use_global_settings

Fixed in 2021.1.2

  • sources/*: Add source to flow context, so source is logged during login
  • outposts: Fix outpost not correctly updating on outpost modification
  • outposts: Improve drift detection on kubernetes
  • providers/saml: Fix metadata not being signed when signature is enabled
  • policies: Improve error handling, ensure original stacktrace is preserved

Fixed in 2021.1.3

  • admin: handle FlowNonApplicableException during flow plan
  • flows: fix FlowNonApplicableException not being Sentry Ignored
  • lifecycle: fix typo causing single process in docker-compose

Fixed in 2021.1.4

  • admin: fix providers not showing SAML Import on empty state
  • core: only cache Applications API when no filtering is done
  • events: fix email template for notifications
  • lib: fix ak_is_group_member checking wrong groups
  • providers/saml: add support for WindowsDomainQualifiedName, add docs for NameID
  • providers/saml: import SAML Provider with all autogenerated mappings
  • providers/saml: make NameID configurable using a Property Mapping
  • providers/saml: update default OIDs for default property mappings
  • web: fix site-shell being cut off when not full height


This release does not introduce any new requirements.


Download the docker-compose file for 2021.1 from here. Afterwards, simply run docker-compose up -d and then the standard upgrade command of docker-compose run --rm server migrate.


Run helm repo update and then upgrade your release with helm upgrade authentik authentik/authentik --devel -f values.yaml.