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Release 0.10

This update brings a lot of big features, such as:

  • New OAuth2/OpenID Provider

    This new provider merges both OAuth2 and OpenID. It is based on the codebase of the old provider, which has been simplified and cleaned from the ground up. Support for Property Mappings has also been added. Because of this change, OpenID and OAuth2 Providers will have to be re-created.

  • Proxy Provider

    Due to this new OAuth2 Provider, the Application Gateway Provider, now simply called "Proxy Provider" has been revamped as well. The new authentik Proxy integrates more tightly with authentik via the new Outposts system. The new proxy also supports multiple applications per proxy instance, can configure TLS based on authentik Keypairs, and more.

    See Proxy

  • Outpost System

    This is a new Object type, currently used only by the Proxy Provider. It manages the creation and permissions of service accounts, which are used by the outposts to communicate with authentik.

    See Outposts

  • Flow Import/Export

    Flows can now be imported and exported. This feature can be used as a backup system, or to share complex flows with other people. Example flows have also been added to the documentation to help you get going with authentik.

Under the hood

  • authentik now runs on Django 3.1 and Channels with complete ASGI enabled
  • uwsgi has been replaced with Gunicorn and uvicorn
  • Elastic APM has been replaced with Sentry Performance metrics
  • Flow title is now configurable separately from the name
  • All logging output is now json



The docker-compose file has been updated, please download the latest from By default, the new compose file uses a fixed version to prevent unintended updates.

Before updating the file, stop all containers. Then download the file, pull the new containers and start the database.

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up --no-start
docker-compose start redis postgrseql
docker-compose run --rm server migrate
docker-compose up -d


A few options have changed:

  • error_reporting was changed from a simple boolean to a dictionary:
enabled: false
environment: customer
send_pii: false
  • The apm and monitoring blocks have been removed.
  • serverReplicas and workerReplicas have been added


This upgrade only applies if you are upgrading from a running 0.9 instance. authentik detects this on startup, and automatically executes this upgrade.

Because this upgrade brings the new OAuth2 Provider, the old providers will be lost in the process. Make sure to take note of the providers you want to bring over.

Another side-effect of this upgrade is the change of OAuth2 URLs, see here.