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Release 0.11

This update brings these headline features:

  • Add Backup and Restore, currently only externally schedulable, documented here

  • New Admin Dashboard with more metrics and Charts

    Shows successful and failed logins from the last 24 hours, as well as the most used applications

  • Add search to all table views

  • Outpost now supports a Docker Controller, which installs the Outpost on the same host as authentik, updates and manages it

  • Add Token Identifier

    Tokens now have an identifier which is used to reference to them, so the Primary key is not shown in URLs

  • core/applications/list API now shows applications the user has access to via policies


This upgrade can be done as any other patch upgrade, the only external change is the new docker-compose file, which enabled the Docker Integration for Outposts. To use this feature, please download the latest docker-compose from here.

Afterwards, you can simply run docker-compose up -d and then the normal upgrade command of docker-compose run --rm server migrate.