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What is Mobilizon



Gather, organize and mobilize yourselves with a convivial, ethical, and emancipating tool.


The following placeholders will be used:

  • is the FQDN of the mobilizon install.
  • is the FQDN of the authentik install.

authentik Configuration

Step 1 - OAuth2/OpenID Provider

Create a OAuth2/OpenID Provider (under Applications/Providers) with these settings:

  • Name : mobilizon
  • Redirect URI:

Step 3 - Application

Create an application (under Resources/Applications) with these settings:

  • Name: Mobilizon
  • Slug: mobilizon
  • Provider: mobilizon

Mobilizon Setup

Configure Mobilizon settings by editing the config.exs and add the following:

config :ueberauth,
providers: [
keycloak: {Ueberauth.Strategy.Keycloak, [default_scope: "openid profile email"]}

config :mobilizon, :auth,
oauth_consumer_strategies: [
{:keycloak, "authentik"}

config :ueberauth, Ueberauth.Strategy.Keycloak.OAuth,
client_id: "<Client ID>",
client_secret: "<Client Secret>",
site: "",
authorize_url: "",
token_url: "",
userinfo_url: "",
token_method: :post

Restart mobilizon.service

Additional Resources